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SEO for Charities and Not-for-Profits

Our most sort after service is SEO for charities and not-for-profits. Charities we work with tend to have small budgets so they are unable to invest large amounts into PPC or social media. In steps Pesh Media with our tailored SEO approach. SEO can have gigantic rewards in terms of ROI, as a lot of the expenditure is the time from an expert rather than paying for ads. We know better than anyone that time is money so we put it to good use to produce the optimal SEO strategy for charities.

How is SEO for Charities Different?

SEO starts with your goals, and for charities, this tends to be very different from businesses. Rather than sales landing pages, charities may need more education, instead of sales the goal is often donations. However, some of the fundamentals of a marketing sales funnel still apply. We are always looking to educate around the subject and nurture the crowd downwards through the funnel.

Often, this means staying on trends around topics and providing key data on what is being searched for at what stage. SEO for charities is often different in that it involves a more thorough analysis of the keywords around the topic and more current keyword research. We never switch off and keep tabs on what’s trending for each charity.

We used this approach for Mental Health UK with a full SEO strategy covering SEO audits, quality content, and the technical side of things. Having this complete strategy led to us doubling organic traffic in just six months.

organic sessions mental health UK
Google snippet for MHUK (we partnered around about the blue line)

The topics are often very sensitive and not understanding the subject fully can be damaging to the charity. This why our first step is to fully understand your goals and what your vision is. We also work hard to maintain and ensure you have an optimized website with features and security in general, which you can find out more about here where we talk about web maintenance London.

What else is involved in SEO for Charities?

SEO is very time-consuming. Google alone has over 200 ranking factors for deciding how to rank content on page 1 of the search results. Keyword research, planning content, creating regular engaging content, distributing content and reporting it on can become very expensive.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. SEO means optimizing your content for search engines. So, when people search for your charity and for content relevant to your persona they find your website. It also provides good practice for your marketing in general, this is because you know how many people want to see your content and how high the competition is for creating said content. This leads us to the two main metrics… keyword volume – how many people search for a word per month, and competition – how competitive the word is on a scale of 0 to 1.

SEO Goldmine

Yes it is time-consuming, and yes it is a long term strategy. But it has huge rewards, with little expense barring time.

If you can find the search terms that have a lot of people searching for it, and not many people writing that content, you hit the jackpot, you get traffic, thought leadership, social and email content all in one. Good quality content partnered with a solid SEO strategy can be hugely rewarding.

What SEO Can’t Do

We, nor no other agency, can guarantee results. We can only give you a 30 day notice period if you are not pleased, and manage expectations with realistic, current reporting. SEO is a fine art with many topics and there are a number of factors for each of the millions of keywords used so it can often lead to minimal or no results. Generally, however, if done correctly SEO can reap huge rewards for charities and not-for-profits. Check out our results we have achieved with charities such as Mental Health UK here on our portfolio.

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