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Working primarily with charities, not-for-profits and small businesses we had to think carefully about how we could create as much value for money as possible for clients, as well as ensuring we could sustain our affordable SEO company. To do this we needed to push our innovative approach and creativity to its limits and it appears to be working! 100% of clients have given us a 5-star review, and 100% of clients have increased their contract value with us within a year (true as of January 2020) you might think this is because of my charming personality but it is mainly due to terrific results which you can see in our portfolio.

Below are some of the ways we have made our processes more efficient as well as some common questions we get asked during our pitches…

A Sprinkling of Automation

We had to get this balance right, and boy did we fail at first. Initially, I set about automating everything. Copy for client update emails, invoicing, dashboards, our hoover, everything. Although we had very clean floors, we had a very impersonal short term approach to our SEO.

So we had to strike a balance. We automated our behind the scenes work, all the crawling through your website and finding data has all be condensed into dashboards, we then create a slightly different version for you which matches the current state vs your goals. This dashboard is live and you can access it whenever you want. We also automated all our monthly reports, but only the numbers. We then spend time analyzing the data and creating a unique SEO strategy rather than typing in numbers every month.

All front-facing activities including invoicing are done by a person to ensure you are always talking to a person to ensure our 5-star client service is maintained, plus I am always charming, obviously.

Is cheap SEO good for my business?

Not if it is done incorrectly. We need to work together to make this work for both parties, with many low-cost SEO options long term damage can be made to your site which can take even longer to repair. This is why we tailor our strategy for each and every client, and different approaches for different industries. Including a services such as SEO for charities.

What most clients we work with need is a scalable way to improve their SEO. We tend to start most clients on a low contract and when the value of the website increases, we repitch at a higher rate. Essentially trialing our full SEO services at a low affordable rate until you and your business are ready for a full commitment. We will be honest and tell you if we think we can get results and when our business model relies on it, we may suggest you must start at a higher package or a different package such as one of our website maintenance plans.

How do you make a profit with such low fees?

We have partners, not clients. Every client we have from our lowest paying ones to our highest are all valued and have in-depth long-term strategies produced for them.

We want your business to succeed so we can scale and grow ourselves too. The way we make a profit is by starting our partners on a low-cost contract for around 3-6 months and wowing you with results. We then repitch at a higher rate so we can snowball the results we have already achieved. At no point do we take our feet off the peddle.

If our partner is not convinced, we maintain the contract but also maintain the SEO level and highlight opportunities through our long term marketing strategies.

What about long term SEO?

We are always thinking long-term, we want long-term clients and focus heavily on our current clients over acquiring new clients. Which is why you never see our flossing posts on Instagram. We highlight risks and opportunities to your business every month but also carry out quarterly strategy reviews to ensure your long term SEO goals are our goals too.

We Grow When You Grow

We decided to tie ourselves to your success. 90% of our clients start with our most basic package which starts from a mere £99 per month. But we have a standardized amount of hours we must carry out on each client which goes way beyond this.

The only way we can make our affordable SEO company grow is by growing your contract over the year. We aim to wow you with results and our ridiculously efficient customer service so that you are willing to invest more in our contract.

To this day 100% of our clients increase their contract value within a year (accurate as of January 2020).

If you are looking for an affordable way to grow your business or charity, and to create a long term partnership with a company that relies on your success then we are ready to charm your socks off with amazing client service, incredible automation, and unrivaled devotion. Let’s talk.

Let's get cooking

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